Strange Resource Management
Our extensive experience with project management allows us to be most efficient, minimizing down-time and client costs.

Aquatic Services Projects

Private Trophy Bass Lake
How a trophy lake is developed, from start to finish.
Private Residential Aesthetic Pond
This aesthetic pond became the homesite's focal point.
Steps to Consider When Building a Lake or Pond
We walk you through the process of how we build lakes and ponds.
Bioengineered Bank Protection Project
A riverbank protection project designed to provide additional fisheries habitat value on a private estate.
Stream Bioassessments
Stream bioassessment techniques are used to document and monitor for potential water quality impacts from chemical spills, sediment, and stormwater sources.
Stream Surveys
Stream surveys are used to assess aquatic habitats and estimate fish populations.
Protected Aquatic Species Surveys
We provide complete aquatic habitat assessments and required protected species surveys for most projects.
Trophy Bass Lakes - Habitat is the Key to Success
Without adequate habitat, a fisheries will never reach its expected goals.