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Staff Bios
Erin Strange
Principal and Senior Biologist
Erin is a majority owner and fisheries biologist, providing a diversity of professional expertise to Strange Resource Management. Erin has made a career of working with Local, State, and Federal agency staff to permit and manage applicable projects. Her expertise includes fisheries biology, Endangered Species Act administration, implementation and regulation, amphibian surveys, and reporting and managing projects and staff.

Her professional skill set and efficient management abilities provide high quality service for each project. Her combination of field experience and ability to proficiently work with regulatory staff to ensure timely permitting without unnecessary client costs is unmatched in the industry.

She has extensive experience producing biological assessments, database management, and NEPA and CEQA processes, in addition to the development of Habitat Conservation Plans with Water Districts, hydropower relicensing with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, writing fisheries expert testimony and appearing as a witness at trial. She has been involved as the expert to determine sufficient instream fish flows, bank stabilization and bioengineering techniques, fish habitat and stream morphology, and with planning and implementing a variety of fish, invertebrate and amphibian survey and population monitoring projects.