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Staff Bios
Vince Adams
Associate Biologist and Habitat Supervisor
Vince has over ten years of experience in aquatic and underwater construction and demolition of man-made structures. He has a strong background in environmental biology and ecology and provides leadership and direction to various wildlife and fisheries habitat construction and monitoring projects. He has conducted research in a variety of aquatic and terrestrial systems including oak woodland and grassland habitats. Vince is one of the most well rounded and adaptable members of our team.

He provides field support to our wildlife and fisheries habitat development and streambank stabilization projects, and to our biological and environmental surveys. His field experience with Strange Resource Management over the past eight years includes surveys for bats, terrestrial and aquatic invertebrates, reptiles, amphibians, fish, and bird nest surveys, including protocol level surveys for protected species.

His recent completion of a graduate degree in natural resource policy and management provides yet another skill set for the company. He has worked as a professional EMT and has extensive experience with jobsite safety and emergency management.