Strange Resource Management
Our staff is highly experienced and competent in protected species surveys. We have actually observed valley elderberry longhorn beetles on elderberry shrubs; participated in the California red-legged frog recovery plan, published in California tiger salamander research, and documented the first known occurrence of the protected vernal pool fairy shrimp in Tuolumne County.

Raptor and avian nest surveys
Most land development and larger construction projects require raptor and avian nest surveys and potential impact assessment during the nesting season.
Construction Support
We provide diverse biological services for larger construction projects.
Individual Species Surveys
Habitat assessments and species presence surveys are required for most land development activities.
Construction Site Monitoring
We specialize in monitoring of wildlife resources, protected species, stormwater discharge compliance, and water quality services for all projects in or adjacent to environmentally sensitive areas.
Vegetation and Wildlife Habitat Monitoring
Vegetation monitoring is an important tool to assess wildlife habitats. Techniques used will vary depending on the type and scale of targeted information.
Wildlife Travel Corridors
Identification, creation and protection of wildlife corridors, including road crossings is a very important consideration for future land development activities.
Biological and Habitat Assessments
Habitat assessments are generally the first actions required to identify potential presence of wildlife species in an area.
Protected Species Surveys
Protected species surveys require biologists with appropriate permits to follow identified protocols when conducting such activities.