Strange Resource Management
Female elderberry beetle on elderberry shrub
Our Staff is highly experienced and competent in protected species surveys. We have actually observed valley elderberry longhorn beetles on elderberry shrubs; participated in the California red-legged frog recovery plan, published in California tiger salamander research, and documented the first known occurrence of the protected vernal pool fairy shrimp in Tuolumne County.

Our environmental services clients include land developers, water and utility districts and private landowners. We provide creative solutions to all biological impact issues.

Environmental Services Include:

Land Development Support:

  • Diverse Environmental and Biological Services View Gallery 
  • Project Compliance and Mitigation Monitoring  View Gallery
  • Habitat Impact Mitigation Planning
  • Wildlife Travel Corridor and Road Crossings View Gallery
  • Low Impact Development Planning

Construction Support:

  • Construction Monitoring in Sensitive Areas  View Gallery
  • Provide On-Site Staff Training
  • Removal/Relocation of Wildlife Species from Construction Sites
  • Fish Exclusion, Removal and Relocation from Construction Sites
  • Erosion and Sediment Control Planning
  • Water Quality Protection Plans and Site Monitoring

Permit Compliance:

  • Biological Assessments and Surveys  View Gallery
  • Protocol Level Protected Species Surveys  View Gallery
  • Woodland, Heritage Tree, and Riparian Habitat Surveys  View Gallery
  • Wetland Delineations
  • Raptor and Avian Nest Surveys View Gallery
  • CEQA and NEPA Services