Strange Resource Management
SRM is proud to be a West Coast authorized distributor for BioHaven® Floating Islands.
An affordable, sustainable, and aesthetically pleasing habitat for birds, fish and insects that cleans the water it floats in!

BioHaven® Floating Islands were developed as a result of research in the rapidly growing science of biomimicry, the study of how natural systems can serve as models for man-made ones. In this case, it was the naturally occurring, floating peat bogs of Northern Wisconsin that inspired BioHaven’s® developers to engineer a man-made, floating wetland designed to cleanse the water in which it resides, by promoting desirable microbial growth below the surface of the water.

BioHaven® Floating Islands are made from a proprietary matrix of 100% recycled plastic, injected with inert polyurethane foam for custom levels of buoyancy. Above the water line, they support vegetation, provide habitats for surrounding wildlife and insects, and also serve as an attractive addition to any body of water that can be planted with native or other flora depending on climate zone.

Below the waterline, as the BioHaven® matrix and plant root base combine over time, a highly beneficial microbial bio-film forms, creating a rich habitat that helps eliminate such undesirable contaminants as heavy metals, pharmaceuticals, nitrogen, phosphorus and organic waste from its host lake or pond. The BioHaven® Floating island also serves as a healthy, desirable habitat for fish and other aquatic species.