Strange Resource Management
We turnkey all of our habitat projects in-house - your project is too important for us not to. We are the most extensive - (not expensive) fish and wildlife habitat firm you will find.

Realtors have stated that our value added lakes/pond and wildlife habitat enhancment programs on private estates provide 150% return on investment and accellerated rate of sell when compared to properties without habitat ennhancement activities.

Floating Island Habitat
Floating islands technology provides an excellent option to enhancing or restoring fish and wildlife habitats and water quality in a variety of wetland types.
Western Pond Turtle Habitat Creation Project
We have successfully completed numerous western pond turtle habitat enhancement projects in lakes and ponds throughout the western states.
Wildlife Brush Piles
Wildlife brush piles is one of many tools used to enhance a variety of wildlife species populations on a specific property.
Creating Wildlife Habitat
We specialize in the construction and development of over twelve different artificial wildlife habitat structures using various on-site and imported materials. Our habitat projects benefit a diverse targeted flora and fauna specific to each application.