Strange Resource Management
The SRM Habitat Creation Division is the highest quality and most experienced in the Western States. Our ability to effectively create a diversity of artificial wildlife and fisheries habitat structures sets us apart from all other consulting firms.

In today's world, we seldom have the ability and resources to create vast natural habitats. As a result, we must challenge our scientific, creative, and artistic abilities to create the highest quality, most effective, artificial habitat available.

Consistently meeting this challenge is what sets SRM apart as the Western States leader in habitat management services.

Habitat Management Services Include:

Aquatic Resource Habitats:

Upland Resource Habitats:

  • Wildlife Habitat Creation and Enhancement  View Gallery 1 | View Gallery 2
  • Multi-Species Wildlife Habitat Restoration Projects
  • Wildlife Habitat Landscapes
  • Property Enhancement/Land Improvements to Support Targeted Wildlife Species.
  • Enhanced Outdoor Resources - Transform Properties to Higher Values
  • Hazardous Tree and Root Assessments

General Fish and Wildlife Habitat Management:

  • Project Mitigation Planning, Construction Management, and Long-Term Project Monitoring
  • Planning, Design and Construction Support for Wildlife Corridors and Road Crossings  View Gallery
  • Construction Monitoring in Sensitive Areas  View Gallery
  • Expert Witness Services