Strange Resource Management
We have been involved in a wide range of habitat management projects and we bring our team's extensive knowledge, experience and expertise into each and every one.

Habitat Management Projects

Lower Mokelumne River Bioengineered Riverbank Protection Implementation Project
D. Bennett Property, Acampo, California. December 2005.

Wildlife Habitat Cumulative Impact Evaluation for the Pacific State Bank Parking Expansion Project
Groveland, California. December 2006.

Tri-Dam Project, FERC Project No. 2067-032
Lake Tulloch, California. November 2006.
Western Pond Turtle Habitat Mitigation and Monitoring Plan.

PUBLICATION – Position Statement/White Paper:
Reservoirs and FERC Relicensing - The Missing Link between Fisheries, Wildlife, and Recreation
December 2008.

Tri-Dam, Lake Tulloch, Copperopolis - August 2008.
Western Pond Turtle Habitat Creation and Enhancement Project.

Project Biologist and Environmental Consultant - September 2008 – Present.
J. Page Estate, Genoa, Nevada
Provide Professional Services and Project Evaluation to Holbrook Beef and Cattle Company to Design and Develop a Fishing and Hunting Preserve including the Development of a Trophy Bass Lake, a Trout Stream, and Diverse Wildlife Habitat. Services include Implementation of a Stormwater and Riverbank Protection Measures for the Project.